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the gathering of the bull!!

Our sale is not your ordinary stampede auction.  There is always a lot more bull spoken than purchased.  Most of our customers come because of the laid back atmosphere.  Each bull is available for sale @ 10:00 a.m. until sold.  Look around at the boys, see what you think.  If you like one, come talk to Owen and make a deal!  If our price doesn't match your budget, don't worry, there is always time to negotiate.  Plus we will never sell a bull to a second party without making sure the first person can at least reconsider a higher offer.


Grillmaster Jason and his wife Christy, preparing for "Social Hour!! "

The order of saleday is simple:

You can look at bulls whenever.

You can buy bulls whenever.

You can shoot the bull whenever...

  (but please do not physically shoot our bulls)

10 am - coffee is hot and cookies are fresh!

11:30 - Lunch begins (burgers, brats, beans, beer, etc)

5:30 pm - Social Hour begins!

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