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As a stockman who sells bulls, one thing that we try hard to do is keep our calving ease in an optimum area.  We do our best to make sure that the calf is shaped right, as well as a moderate size so that growth, vigor, and breed-back are not sacrificed.  If all this goes right on the bull end, it should allow mama to do her job in raising a good calf, thus making you a happy cattleman.

The bulls below are the sires of our herd.  Beside each we will have the year that their calves were born.  One thing about raising bulls, it is 2 YEARS before you can find out if you have a good one. So if it says 2020 by a bull that catches your eye, look for his progeny in 2021 at our sale, so you can have calves out of him in 2022.


SBRC Enhance 1987

Years: 2022-Present

Starting off with our very own, home-grown sire.  This bull was retained to breed our own heifers, as that was our intent with his genetics.  He is a third consecutive generation of AI calf with a great pedigree.  His granddam was the mother of SBRC X-Aught-Six 492 and the donor of our El Dorado ET calves.  

CL Confidence Plus 18J

Years: 2022-Present

18J was our selection of the 2022 Midland Bull Test.  His EPD profile has a great balance, but he has emphasis on growth and carcass.  All 6 of his $values are outstanding with top 2% $W, top 5% $C, top 10% $M, $F, $B and a top 20% $G.  However, the purpose of selecting at Midland was to help improve our feed intake.  As he did well on the test, his calves have done well through the drought.  He has been our sire with the high weaning weights, and our cows have had excellent condition and breed-back!


PGC Paycheck 8014

Years: 2020-2022

Paycheck was our selection of the Northern Premier 2019 sale.  We chose him for his thick build, good feet and structure, and great temperament.  Paycheck 8014 took the good traits of Payweight, and combined them with calving ease and length.  We enjoy that his calves all carry his build, but the heifers remain very feminine.  His daughters make up 1/3 of our replacements in 2020, 1/4 in 2021, 1/3 again in 2022, and 1/4 again in 2023.  They are so uniform!!

SBRC X-Aught-Six 492

Years: 2019-2021

Possibly our best home-grown sire to date.  This bull carries many traits that we look for in a herd sire, with a heifer calving ease start!  We love his calves, they start small and finish well.  Unfortunately, due to an injury, the 2021 calf crop will be his last.  However, his dam was used for our first ever ET attempt, and you will see half siblings in the 2025 sale - as well as many half sisters on the maternal side of our bulls.

GoForth Admiral.jpg

GOFORTH Admiral E25

Years: 2020-2022

As a breeder, I am always looking for "the next big thing."  It is hard to see what a bull may become 2 years from now, but we took a shot in the dark and it is paying off!  Admiral calves hit the ground runnin' and have a good coat of hair for our calving season climate.  When you look at his build and his EPDs, you look again because they have that WOW factor! 5 EPDs top 1%, 2 more in top 2%, 3 more at  3% - 5% and they just keep going.  Top Sire group of our 2021 & 2022 sales!  

Foundation 833.jpg

Nissen Foundation 833

Years: 2019-2021

Foundation 833 was our selection of the Nissen Angus 2019 sale.  We chose him for his long build and smooth stride.  That, coupled with an 805 WW out of a first calf heifer, was very attractive to us.  His calves all have that same long frame and smooth stride, which may come in very handy for those cattlemen who ride the river-breaks.  With an impressive EPD profile on growth, he will - and does - put the pounds on the ground for your calves.

stellar 0417

WW Stellar 0417

Years: 2021

Stellar 0417 was our selection from Whistling Winds 2021 sale.  We chose him for his extreme calving ease, thick hind quarter, wide back and great structure.  As his first calves hit the ground with lots of energy and are filling our nicely! BW average of 68 lbs.  Sadly, he died in spring of 22 and we only received one calf crop.  However, lot #1 of our 2023 sale was our highest ever STELLAR HEIFER BULL!!!

KG Justified 3023

Years: 2019-2021

We chose to A-I to Justified in 2019 after seeing back to back uniform and well muscled groups in previous sales around the area.  They also seem to maintain great feet, and daughters have a nice udder.  Now after missing the 2020 breeding season, we went back and use him again! His progeny was the best sire group of our 2020 sale, as well as a beautiful group of replacement heifers that took up nearly 1/3 of our pen in 2020 and 1/4 our heifers in 2022!


SAV Rainfall 6846

Years: 2020

SAV cattle have been making headlines for years.  One of the most elite group of calves was a set of ET flush brothers that included this bull.  He is a full brother to SAV President, the sire of SAV America - the $1.51 million dollar bull!!!  But you may know that Rainfall has not been a fall-back-on bull, as he has been siring many sale toppers of his own across the country.  Calving ease and length are showing through all of his progeny!

FF EZ Money D217

Years: 2019-2020

While choosing A-I sires for the 2019 calf year, it was hard to pass this bull up... and I'm glad we didn't.  His calves seem to hit the ground growing from day one.  It was not hard to decide to use him again in 2020, as all last spring & summer the calves were standouts.  His name is starting to pop up across the state as a sale topper. He is an easy calver with a ton of growth!  A perfect match for those looking to put pounds on ground in the fall!

A A R Creed 5802

Years: 2019

One thing that stops me in my tracks is a bull that finishes well, and can make calving season a breeze.  Also, when a notable ranch (such as Arntzen Angus) retains full possesion of a bull, it is a pretty good sign that this guy has great potential!  Yes sir he was the winner of our largest sire group for the SBRC 2020 sale, and most are heifer-ready bulls!

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