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The Stone Homestead was claimed in 1909. Through the years, and generations, it has evolved from the original homestead, to "Stone Brothers," to what is now "Stone Farms."  For many of these years, we were known as "Farmers with good cows."  However, in a dramatic series of events in 2011, the future of cattle here changed for good. 

We have always tried to be economical and find the best "Bang for your buck."  So we bought a small batch of heifers from a notable ranch, Windy Ridge Angus, to add to our current herd.  Like many other cattlemen, the drive to improve herd genetics was increasing.  At many sales, we found ourselves on the wrong end of a bid for bulls we were looking for.  After a lot of discussion, we decided that if we couldn't buy a bull with the genetics we wanted, we may as well A-I the purchased heifers and make our own bull.  With that in mind, we purchased straws from another notable ranch, Arntzen Angus, and sat back to watch the future grow.  As the initial purpose was to raise our own bulls, we wanted to leave plenty of options open and fed a small pen to choose from.  We decided to keep 5 and see how they would grow... and grow they did... Thereby creating an opportunity to sell bulls.

As this endeavor grew, so did our herd, and our family.  Currently working together as the 3rd, 4th, and now 5th generations of Stones, this family of farmers now has a few stockmen stepping forward.  In 2018, we continued forward -- creating a new name for the "Cattle" side of Stone Farms -- Stone's Blackrock Cattle!

We have always been about calving ease, docility and growth - and don't get me wrong we look at everything else too.    However, with time comes demand for improvements.  So where do you fix things that you like?  Well, you can take "structure" and get rid of a cow with a poor hoof angle.  Or buy a bull or cow with excellent "carcass" traits.  Our goal is to create the ideal cow - easy, moderate, powerful - period.  All  the way from baby calf, to finished product.

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