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Our vision has never changed!  Though we may try to add some traits along the way, the core of our ideals are Blackrock SOLID!  So here is what we want you to see from our cattle.  

Our cattle have:

    - A good temperament

    - Longevity

    - Good calving ease

    - Good feet and body structure

Low Maintenance

    - A cow that takes care of her calf

    - A cow that takes care of herself

    - A calf that has good vigor 

Pounds on the ground

    - We only retain the top echelon of our herd for seedstock.  So pounds still matter to us as much as our customers.  We shoot for a 700 lb minimum average on our steers and bulls, and a 660 lb average on our heifers. 


Support Local

    - It is said that a dollar spent locally can bring five times the return to a community than buying from chain-stores, and in our case 100% more return than online purchases.  We raise our own feed, and what we can't grow, we buy from the local feed supplier.  Our advertising and marketing is done by the closest possible vendors in hopes that those dollars will stay here in our area to help our schools and community thrive.  Our veterinarian lives just over the ridge, and we now have a family-owned meat processing facility in town.  Our goal is to be sustainable member of this community.  Allowing us a way that we can help by continuing working with these businesses, and hopefully finding ways to give back in the future!

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